Workshops & Symposiums

Lunch Symposium #1

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Working with Industry to Level the Playing Field

Dr. Margaret McEntegart will share her experience working with unique technologies, and how she is collaborating with industry to close the gap in female enrollment in trials.  Then Karen Russell, Associate Director of Medical Education at Shockwave, will discuss current industry initiatives in support of women, from research funding to PI recruitment.

Lunch Symposium #2

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Women for Women: How to Leverage Your Research Interests

We’ll be joined by three leaders in cardiovascular care and research, Dr. Alaide Chieffo, Dr. Malissa Wood, and Dr. Josephine Chou, who will share their challenges, lessons learned, and opportunities which allowed them to succeed in advancing their clinical research careers. The experiences shared by these physicians will highlight the conundrum of cardiovascular disease in women, including SCAD and PPCM.

Workshop 1: Insider Tips from Top Journal Editors


Discover best practices for writing an effective journal submission. How can you give your manuscript
the best chance to be accepted? What are editorial teams discussing behind the scenes? Find out in this
informative workshop, led by Jane Leopold, MD, current Deputy Editor of the New England Journal of

Workshop 2: Keys to Effective Leadership


In this workshop, TedX and international keynote speaker Natasha Bowman shares the key points of
leadership development based on over 20 years of experience as an HR executive. Learn more about the
critical characteristics needed by organizational leaders to adapt and flourish in the future.

Workshop 3: Business Acumen for Physicians – What’s Essential?


Ruth Reiner, MBA, former Global Director of the Executive MBA program at the University of Chicago
Booth School of Business, will lead a “mini-MBA” foundational course on business acumen for
physicians. She’ll be joined by Grace Lin, MD, MBA and co-founder of HeartScreen Health, and Robin
Germany, MD, of Zoll Respicardia, to round out the application of the content from multiple

Workshop 4: Clinical Trial Leadership – What Does it Take?


Experienced clinical trial leader, policy researcher and ACC Past President Pamela Douglas, MD, of the
Duke Clinical Research Institute will share her insights with those interested in clinical trial leadership.
Discover insider tips and practical advice on how to position yourself to advance your research
objectives, build a research operation at your institution and develop the relationships necessary to